transformation wand


I will be holding an auction on these two items from 2/1/10-2/5/10, Shipping Prices are included, ONLY CURRENTLY SHIPPING TO U.S. Please comment under my comment below to bid on whichever one interested. Paypal only and no refunds. Auction ends 2/5/10 at 5pm eastern time

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transformation wand


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Status Post

This is the post to let you know the status of an order, either if it's pending payment, pending shipment, or shipped. Dates will be put next to the lj user name so you can know when was the update put.
rahenna shipped (12/12/08)
eternalmoon shipped (8/11/08)
evilcatsterer shipped (8/1/08)
howshocking shipped(4/19/08)
ssfseiyakou shipped (4/2/08)
br00tal_bby shipped (3/13/08)
galexia_ shipped (12/3/07)
darkmaya shipped (12/3/07)
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